Foundation Members - Core members who joined the Berkshire Innovation Center and paid membership dues since its inception.  Foundation Members enjoy all the benefits of Premium Members plus additional discounts on membership and usage fees and enhanced recognition and visibility.
Premium Members - Core members who have access to the Berkshire Innovation Center facility and to the BIC's advanced R&D equipment, training programs, laboratories, conference rooms, offices, and accelerator spaces. Usage fees are substantially discounted below-market prices.
Associate Members - Organizations or individuals who are an integral part of the BIC network.  Associate Members can attend all BIC Speaking Series events and most other events for free and are eligible to register for certain BIC training programs. Associate Members are eligible to sponsor events and participate in the BIC preferred vendors program.
Education & Research Partners - Educational and research institutions that have established formal partnerships with the Berkshire Innovation Center to provide support for collaborative research and workforce development initiatives.
Affiliated Partners - Public and private entities with which the BIC has forged strong collaborative partnerships.
Sponsors - Private sector, non-profit, or foundation organizations who are providing financial contributions to the Berkshire Innovation Center for philanthropic reasons and to support the economic development of the city and the region.